Mildura Veterinary Hospital runs a group Puppy Preschool class for puppies aged 8 – 14 weeks of age. Our Puppy School is an excellent starting point that will give you the understanding of how your puppy will learn and is focused on teaching your puppy some basic manners and good behaviours.
Socialisation in a positive manner along with play is truly vital for the life long development of your puppy. During Puppy School your puppy will make new friends with the other puppies in class in a positive environment. At the same time they will be learning how to play and socialise, which when done well sets you puppy up for a wonderful future. Developing excellent communication and socialisation skills will allow your puppy to make plenty of friends when you are out on your walks or in the park when they are fully vaccinated.

A MVH Puppy Preschool runs over four weeks with four sessions, and currently we are running sessions on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights at 6.30pm. Puppy Preschool is run at the hospital.  There is a waiting list so we do recommend that you call us to add your puppy’s name to the list as soon as you can. You don’t have to be a client of Mildura Veterinary Hospital to participate.  We require that your puppy is up to date with their vaccinations and provide us with proof.

Training a puppy can be both a challenging and very rewarding experience. We believe that positive reinforcement training and the practical advice given in our classes will help you achieve the understanding needed to enjoy your puppy, have some “fun” along the journey and really “fall in love” with your puppy forming a beautiful life long bond. Pets are very much part of Australian families as much loved and cherished family members. After just 15 minutes of patting our dog, our blood pressure drops by 10%, relaxation chemical serotonin increases. Ask any dog owner how wonderful it is to pat your dog after a long day at work.
For your puppies safety and others in your class, it is really important that all puppies must have had their first vaccination at least 2 weeks prior to joining class and be up to date with worming and flea control.

Our Puppy Preschool is overseen by Rebecca McGregor, one of our qualified nurses, and is run by veterinarians and veterinary nurses with a special interest in animal behaviour.