Bronwyn Welsh is an accredited Delta trainer who runs “Mildura Delta Dogs” from her home in Etiwanda Avenue. Mildura Delta Dogs uses only positive training methods with no use of harsh correction methods. Your dog will find itself in a less stressful environment which will make it less anxious and better able to learn the lessons you wish and hopefully have FUN as well.

This is Bronwyn’s story that explains why she is so passionate about training. She has been working in the Veterinary industry for over 30 years. She has worked in practices in country NSW including many years with the RSPCA (15 years as an Honorary Cruelty Inspector). She also spent a year with the RSPCA in Papua New Guinea. She was given Life Membership by the RSPCA NSW for my services to the Society, and received an Australia Day Award in 1997 for her services to the community in the animal welfare area.

Bronwyn moved to Mildura in 1998 and has worked here at Mildura Veterinary Hospital ever since. Her special interest developed in Animal Behaviour due to her many years of working with surrendered dogs both at the shelters and clinics where she has worked. Her job for many years involved the euthanasing of dogs. Many being young healthy animals that were being put down simply because they had had no training and had developed unruly behaviour.

Bronwyn completed her Behavioural Trainers Course with the Delta Society in 2003 and started her own Mildura Delta Dog Training School in 2004. Prior to this she became involved with teaching Puppy Pre School classes in the early 1990’s. Bronwyn is very passionate about “early intervention” with young pups in the hope that we may prevent some of the needless deaths of young dogs because of behaviour issues developing later. Bronwyn is constantly updating her skills by attending workshops and seminars at least two to three times a year. Most of these are with Behaviourists/Trainers from overseas. A sad statistic for Bronwyn is the fact that Australia has one of the lowest average ages for dogs in the western world. Just three years of age!! You are giving your dog the best chance for success by firstly participating in puppy preschool, then continuing to work with your dog at Mildura Delta Dogs.

There are four levels of classes available at Mildura Delta Dogs from “beginners level”, to Bronze, Silver & Gold. Bronwyn has complimented her team of qualified Delta trainers, and has a strong and capable team working with her. Each and every weekend there are multiple classes on multiple levels.

To enrol for Puppy Pre School (6 to 16 weeks old pups) and Mildura Delta Dogs (dogs over 4 months) please feel free to contact Mildura Veterinary Hospital in person or on by calling us on 03 5023 3838.