Mildura Veterinary Hospital is pleased to offer you a broad range of services to ensure that your pet is a well adjusted pet that fits in with your family. We offer puppy preschool where you as often new owners learn what it is that your puppy needs to help them adjust to the big world. We have the benefit of Bronwyn Welsh a Veterinary Nurse who is a qualified Delta accredited Behavioural trainer who provides behavioural consultations one on one with you and your dog if needed. Bronwyn has over 30 years experience in the Veterinary industry. Mildura Delta Dogs is able to be accessed through Mildura Veterinary Hospital.

Behaviour & Training Services

Puppy Preschool

Mildura Veterinary Hospital runs a group Puppy Preschool class for puppies aged 8 – 14 weeks. Our Puppy School is an excellent starting point that will give you the understanding of how your puppy learns and is focused on teaching your puppy basic manners and best behaviour.
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Delta Dog Training

Bronwyn Welsh is an accredited Delta trainer who runs “Mildura Delta Dogs” from her home in Etiwanda Avenue. Mildura Delta Dogs uses only positive training methods with no use of harsh correction methods. Your dog will find itself in a less stressful environment which will make it less anxious and better able to learn the lessons you wish and hopefully have FUN as well.
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Behavioural Consultations

Behavioural sessions are one on one with Bronwyn in a quite private area of our Veterinary Hospital. To help Bronwyn better understand any behavioural problems you will be asked to complete a questionnaire that can be collected from Mildura Veterinary Hospital reception prior to your booked consultation.
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