Grass seeds

Spring-time provides the perfect conditions for grass seeds as it is warm and wet (ok, sometimes wet!). Many animals present to MVH due to problems caused by grass seeds.  Grass seeds have a firm, sharp tip, and fan out into multiple spikes allowing them to pierce through skin, travelling into ears, eyelids, paws, and noses.  These little buggers can only more forward, not backwards.

Grass seeds can cause quite a lot of pain and discomfort, as well as infection and enjoy lurking in many locations within your pet; therefor your pet will display various symptoms, dependent on the location. Grass seeds in the nose generally result in constant sneezing or pawing at the nose, sometimes with a nasal discharge. Grass seeds in the eye can quickly become serious causing corneal ulcers which if not treated promptly can cause sight deterioration. The grass seed can get caught in between the eye and the eye lid, there may be a discharge or increased tears to the affected eye. Grass seeds can also lodge in your pet’s skin, often when your pet chews at the area on their body this causes the seeds to embed further and travel deeper into the skin and tissues. Between the toes is a favourite spot.

It’s difficult to protect your pet from grass seeds especially when you are out walking or if you’re animal has regular access to grassed areas with seeds. The best prevention is regular grooming and checking of your pet for grass seeds. Grass seeds are not only a small animal problem. Horses often suffer from seeds between their gums, teeth and inside their lips.  It is always a good idea to lift your horses lip every second day to have a look and pick out any seeds that may be starting to work their way into trouble.  Having an awareness of the symptoms your pet may display is helpful. If you have any concerns at all or are suspicions that your pet may have a grass seed please call us and arrange a consultation with our Vets – we can help your pet before significant injury occurs. Call us on 50233838 to book a consultation. Please feel free to share our post to help inform owners.

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